b   e   i   n   g

Be - Do - Have

In order to Do something or Have something you first have to exist or Be. If this is true, than it would follow that in order to Do all or something well and to Have all or the best things, you would have to Be the best you can Be. This is not to be confused with being the best there is among others. That implies competition and it is not competition that is the point here. It is to know ones Self and be in tune with that Being.

How often is it that we
spend time Being, that is existing, at our best. That we take the time to know and understand Who We Are, the knowing and understanding of our Being. This is an exploration that is a life time. To constantly be in a state of awareness and oneness with our Self and the Universe.

There is a story that
is told of a little girl that is in her room dancing like a ballerina. Her mother walks into the room and asks what she is doing and she says " I am a ballerina and I am dancing for the Queen of England." Is she any less a ballerina than someone that is a professional on stage and dancing in front of an audience? The little girl, in her mind and in her being first, IS a ballerina. Some day she may take lessons (doing) and buy a ballerina's tutu (having) and dance on stage and fullfill her dream or she may continue to dance in her room for herself and be her own personal ballerina, both being the same fulfillment to her Beingness.

Being is not a
state that is formed or brought about by Having or Doing, it is a state of existing and the more aware we are of who that being is in us the more fulfilled as a human being we become.

Take the time to
become aware and stay in tune with and remember Who You Are. Being does not take any time or space, Being is existing in a state of oneness with All. Doing is the Time element of your existence and Having is the Space in which you move about. Doing is the creation which flows from your Being and Having is manifestation of that creation and the experiences we have as we travel through time and space in our physical form.

Be your Self, know
who you are and exist in the oneness with All.
Do your best and
create for All to benefit.
Have all that you need
in alignment with everything that exists.




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