b   e   i   n   g

Dear Humans;

WAKE UP! You're asleep and your life is passing
before you! If you think and believe you are not in control of your life, you Are asleep. It sounds like you think life happens To you, rather than it being an experience where each event is an opportunity to learn and grow. You think there's one set of rules for God and another for humans. Think again, there is only One set of Rules. I realize that you may want to make up your own set of rules as you go along, but when things go wrong, you blame God. You're the one that ignored the rules, not God. Perhaps you can change the rules to a card game or to Scrabble, to make it easier to win, or faster to play, but you cannot change the rules in the Game of Life. The Game of Life contains all the raw materials you need for life on earth. It also contains the Universal Power, what you call God. The Universal Power is behind all that exists. It is in every thing and every one in the Game. The Power Is Everything and there is nothing you can do that can change the Power and how it works. It is the Game.

The Game:

Earth (and the universe
beyond it) is the Game board. The Game pieces are many and yet they are all One. You know them as animals, plants, minerals, raw materials, etc. These Game pieces are constantly joining and leaving the Game in the form of animate and inanimate objects. Animate objects are the animal kingdom and the highest form, Human Beings, experience birth and death with spirits entering and leaving their bodies. The inanimate objects are plants, raw materials, and the things humans create from them. They are All important, for they can all affect your Game as much as what you think, say and do during the Game. I speak of the highest form, meaning the most evolved, not the most superior or most powerful. You have to remember everything is the same One. When you destroy something, you destroy a part of yourself.

Who started the
Game, we all did. We (and everything that exists) are the Power and we all started the Game. We invented the Game and we all Chose to play. So you are as responsible for these Rules as I am. We are All One.

The Rules:

Rule # 1 - As
long as you are still playing, and have not yet mastered, the Game, there is only one way in - Birth - and one way out - Death.

Rule #2 - Each time
you play the Game, you start fresh. You choose to forget all you know and all you ever learned about how it works and the possible outcomes. You always learn as you go and you must learn to play from your heart and by your instincts in order to discover the true meaning of the game.

Rule #3 - You CANNOT
change the Rules, no matter how hard you try. You can ignore them and pretend to play by different rules, and you will still be bound by These rules. Like gravity and the tides, the Rules are not something you can change. Different religions may attempt to explain and control these Rules and put their own spin on them. They are still the Rules and you are still playing The Game of Life.

Rule #4 - The Universal
Power just says YES! When what you say, do, and believe are all in alignment, the Universe says Yes. The Universe looks at, and listens to, all the information each of you puts out into the world and it says Yes to the total picture. If your mouth asks for one thing and your belief is that you won't get it, it is like taking one step forward and one step back, nothing happens. Notice how your lack of trust or faith or commitment sabotages what it is you say you want. Learn to stay conscious and be aware. When you align your thoughts, actions and being, you will see results. However, this is not to say any outcome is predictable. Manifestations are not always what they seem, so you are to look at each instance as an opportunity to continue toward our goal.

Rule #5 - Everything in
the game is related and connected. When one thing changes, everything is affected. Nothing is static. Everything is dynamic. What is true one moment can change quickly in the next. You have created an overload of stimuli in your world that makes the connectedness within it harder to see. When humans no longer notice --or remember to be aware-they loose their connectedness to all things and many of these things become extinct.

Rule #6 - Everything
Just "IS"! You are the one that is judging things to be right or wrong, good or bad. Events do not contain judgement, good or bad, wrong or right. The response to each event is in the eye of the recipient, beholder or creator of that event. Each of you decides how to react to each situation. A situation just IS. You choose your judgment of it.

It is not a conflict
with God that you have, it is a conflict with what is, and how the what affects what you do and have. There is no rule that states the Game is fair. You, of course, may choose to play in a way that you consider to be fair, but the Game itself is neither fair nor unfair, it just is. Some people play from their hearts. Others play from their heads. Still others don't yet realize they're even in the Game. Some play to win so others will lose. Some play to lose so others may win. Still others will play so all can win. You will begin to enjoy playing The Game when you understand there is no right or wrong way to play it.

An integral part of the
Game is that things aren't always as they seem. What may appear to be tragedy today, may be what allows pure triumph later. One can spend life in judgment of what is, or in gratitude, anticipation and the experience of it. Same events, different responses. The object of the Game is not more, bigger, better. It is simply to remember Who You Are. Some people will receive much material wealth in life as part of their remembering process. Wealth can either speed up their process or slow it down, depending on their response to wealth. Others will experience loss. It too can either speed up their process or slow it down, depending on their response to loss. Wealth and loss are not good or bad. They are just experiences on the way to remembering. The point of the game is to fully experience Who We Are. To remember, rediscover and to experience every aspect of Who We Are as it relates to the Power and to everything else that exists. Everything being One. To enjoy life and everything about being human. What will help you remember Who You Are?

Change your
perspective. Know that all that happens in your lives happens For you, not To you. All is perfect, in the Game, for you to remember Who You Are. When life seems stressful, be aware and align on that door that says "Triumph" on it. It is just around the corner. Know that it is always there. Just knowing it exists can make all the difference in your thoughts about yourselves and your world as you play the Game.

Stay conscious. You
already know everything, just remember that you know it. Know that your perspective will change your world. Stop from time to time and do nothing until you get a sense of Who You Are. Watch a child at play. Sit still in the forest and notice the life around you. Look around your everyday life. Take a deep breath. It is only when you remember Who You Are that you use your Free Will to create your life the way you want it. Giving back to life. Share yourself with others. Everything that occurs — past, future and present — is the outward physical manifestation of your inner most thoughts, choices, ideas and determinations regarding Who You Are and who you Chose to be. Choose wisely! Choose to Enjoy Life!



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