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See Good In Each Other!
or better yet
See God In Each Other!


By seeing Good (or God or the Universal Power) in each other, we are seeing the truth about life. When we see everything as one and the same, we see that we are all a part of the whole that is really each and every one of us. Just like you are a part of your personal family, we are all a part of the family of the earth. The earth is our home and we are all brothers and sisters living in Our Home, the Earth.

a baby is born, we don't see a robber or a killer or a prostitute or a rapist or a homeless person or the president of a world renound company, we see a fragile little life, a thing of beauty, something to behold, a little being that needs us to nurture and guide and direct it. We are in augh of the miracle of life. We see everything that is good and pure. We see Hope and Love and Light.

That same hope and love
and light is still alive in all of us, even the seemingly worst or most wrong doing person, these quailties still exist. As the baby grows up and learns from her parents, friends and society, she starts to take on the ways of the world and learns to coop with life as best he can from what he was taught and from her experiences. Therefore, it is not the "being" of the person that changes, it is the doing and the having that changes to create the person that we most often relate to.

I saw a great bumper sticker the other day, it said,

E x c u s e   m e,
It was only a lane change.

You are driving down the freeway and a person (seamingly) cuts in front of you, you get upset at what he does, not really at him or at his being. You think that her intention was to cut you off and make you angry, when all she was trying to do was to get into the same lane you are in. A similar situation happened to my wife once, where a person cut in front of her and she got upset, a little while up the freeway she saw the car again and looked at the driver and noticed that it was her friend Lynn. My wife forgave her and even thought that it was funny that Lynn had cut her off.

past the doing and having and see the real being in each other. See God (the Universal Power, the Good) in each other and in everything and you will be a happier and more fulfilled person.

See God In Each Other!


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