B   e   i   n   g

Stop, Look and Listen!

      Whenever you are in doubt, uncomfortable, angry, in fear, etc. STOP what you are doing, Stop and breathe. Take a deep breath. Breathe in slowly, hold it for a moment and than release the breath slowly. Stop the momentum and relax. Feel yourself inside you body. Feel the warmth of your body.
      Next, LOOK at where you are, your body position, your stress level. Look at what your are doing. Is this "Who You Are", Where you are going, What you wish to accomplish, How you wish to get there?
      Now LISTEN to your Heart.... Yes, I know it is beating. I mean really Listen to what you know is true about "Who You Are", your Goals, your Dreams and Aspirations, what you really want from your life. If it is true that we only have "One Life", is this (the stress, angry, fear) what you what your life to look like? Choose Again!
      You can now Choose Again, and Again and Again. You can choose to start again at any instant in time. You can start a New Life any time you choose. And in the event that what you were doing Is in line with "Who You Are", You can always continue on that path just the way that you were. Now a little more focused and ready to have it be less stressful , scary or upsetting.

Remember: It's Your Life!


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