B   e   i   n   g

Technology is advancing faster than the human imagination can figure
out how to use the power to make a real difference in our lives.

This is because the Power of technology is not going to help us figure out "Who We Are", what we want to do or what it is that we really want. It will not give us Peace, Purpose, Abundance, Wisdom, or Freedom, and it definitely can not give us Knowledge.

We already have the Power and it is within each one of us. We do not have to have more technology to get it out. We need to stop, get off the treadmill and look within for the answers.

Sharing, Caring and Being with ourselves and others, building community and fellowship are a few of the things that make a difference in our lives and those we touch.

Don't get me wrong, technology itself is not bad, as long as it assists us in knowing more about "Who We Are" and not about getting someplace faster. What are we going to do once we get there anyway?


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